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Ultra Dry
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 Ultra Dry® is used and recommended for spot and stain removal by cleaning professionals from coast to coast.

      Ultra Dry simply performs better than other cleaning products because of its unique formula. Since spills and soils are made up of so many different types of material, most cleaners can only deal with a small range of cleaning tasks. Ultra Dry cleans up on the entire spectrum of soils because it's made from chemically dissimilar ingredients which are homogenized into one powerful cleaning agent.

    Outstanding results on a consistent basis have helped earn Ultra Dry the reputation as the "Ultimate Carpet Dry Cleaner." When used in accord with label directions, it will not only remove most spots and soils, but it will also soften fibers, brighten colors, neutralize residues, kill odors, and reduce resoiling.

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Ultra Dry Use between professional cleaning on most carpets, upholstery, and other items such as: auto interiors, clothing, vinyl, walls, tools, counter tops, appliances, aircraft, boats, recreational vehicles, heavy equipment, etc.

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Ultra Dry® Order Options
Ultra DryFor spot & stain removal,
conveniently packaged and priced as follows:

16 oz. with trigger sprayer
(our most popular product)
03-1044 9.50
Gallon of Ultra Dry 03-1010 31.45
Case of 12-16 oz. Ultra Dry
(without trigger sprayers)
03-1004 62.95
Case of 12-16 oz. Ultra Dry
(with trigger sprayers) - save 39.45
03-1044 75.55
Trigger sprayer 02-2003 1.50
12 Trigger sprayers (save $6.00) 02-2003 12.00

Shipping and Handling add           $6.95

*Professionals - ask about our wholesale price list

(Professionals - click here to place an order!) (Home users - click here to place an order!)

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Read what a few of our customers say about Ultra Dry:

"The cleaning service at my company uses a product of yours called Ultra Dry carpet dry cleaner. Can you tell me where I can purchase this for use in my home? There are several of us at the office that would like to buy this product."
Jolene S., Cincinnati, OH
"I have found this product to be the best...I have since moved into a new house and dealing with a puppy, need I say more? I'd appreciate hearing from you soon - my puppy is really giving Ultra Dry a work out."
Kitty D., West Chester, OH
"This product was used to clean my carpets - doing a beautiful job! The Dealer sold me a gallon...I have only about 1/2 cup left. I've checked the yellow pages here and don't see it advertised. Now I'm getting panicky! Please send me a gallon."
Mrs. Robert T. , Nashville, TN
"I would like to compliment you on your fantastic product Ultra Dry. I have spot cleaned my rug and also the upholstery in my car with it as directed and it really did a great job."
George B., Pompano Beach, FL
"I have had the opportunity to use your product, Ultra Dry, and have found it superior to anything I have previously used. I am a marine rigger and found extensive use for it in my work."
Andrew B., York, SC
"I find your product Ultra Dry quite outstanding. I've used the product for a long time and have always been satisfied with the results."
Mrs. Estelle B., Lauderhill, FL
"Ultra Dry cleaned my very dirty carpeting and the end results were just beautiful. They left a small bottle with me to spot clean with. I discovered your product will take out some stains from clothing that detergents will not..."
Mrs. Louis S., North Babylon, NY
"The product worked beautifully."
Jim H., Bettendoff, IA

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